Ice breaker questions are great for bonding your team during welcome meetings, training sessions, and events. They break down barriers of hierarchy and departments and warm up the atmosphere to engage every participant. A list of virtual icebreakers wouldn’t be complete without a group photo! This one’s as much fun through a video chat as much as it is in real life. And you can repeat it time and time again by taking a different picture each time — make funny faces, bring in your pets, do a crazy gesture, be creative. One of the biggest complaints about virtual icebreakers is that they waste valuable time.

This allows other guests to become comfortable with their colleagues as you have an insight into their home. These ice breaker questions are great to have teams bond over what keeps each one fit, calm, and energized. Have everyone cover their teeth by pulling their lips inward, then go around the meeting and have each person introduce themselves, saying their name twice. The game begins when the meeting leader says their own name twice, then any other attendee’s name twice, effectively re-introducing and “passing it on” to that person. The named attendee then says their own name twice again, and someone else’s twice, again passing the turn. Continue until everyone has had at least one turn—giggles are guaranteed.

What are Virtual Icebreaker Questions?

Two Truths and a Lie is a classic game that tests one’s ability to detect deception in another’s stories. It’s a great game for large or small groups alike, easily adapted to fit the size of any gathering. All you need are some friends and some creative storytelling talents. Making sure everyone in a meeting feels comfortable is essential to a productive conversation.

And with time, it gets boring, and it’s harder for people to have fun because they already know how the meeting is going to work. So, a great way to energize meetings is by completely changing its structure. They help employees feel like they are having a break from their work. Here are 76 funny icebreakers that you must try at your next meeting. Most Likely To, when played as a icebreaker game on Zoom can be a lot of fun, especially with a funny set of questions.

The Friendly Competition Icebreaker

Incorporating a virtual trivia night into your team’s regular routine offers an opportunity for team members to learn from one another, collaborate to answer questions, and enjoy the process. This fun and engaging activity can help break the ice and create a more relaxed and enjoyable virtual meeting experience for all participants. Personality quizzes can be another engaging virtual icebreaker activity for remote teams, helping team members learn more about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles. By completing quizzes that assess various aspects of their personality, team members can gain insights into their own preferences and tendencies, as well as those of their colleagues.

For a more directed experience, invite groups to make a personal wish, a professional wish for the company and a wish for someone else on their team. These wishes can make for interesting discussions that can feed into the rest of your workshop. The Four Quadrants is a tried and true team building activity to break the ice with a group or team. Ready to design an online session around your chosen icebreaker? Start by dragging and dropping blocks, add timings and share your completed agenda with your participants for an engaging session.

Pick a store

This activity is a perfect icebreaker for recalling folks’ names as it involves multiple introductions of the players. Go around the meeting participants and hear what animal they think represents them the best. What animal each participant relates to the most may say a lot about them! Give a little bit of time before starting to let participants think about animals and what their favorite says about them. Have everyone introduce themselves, and then share their nicknames and the backstories that go with them.

Ask everyone what their parents almost named them or what they wanted their name to be as a kid. If someone doesn’t have an answer to either question, they can also talk about their childhood nickname. Everyone on your team can mention one thing they did before turning 18. Maybe they faced their fears and tried out for the school musical or did math speed tests the fastest in third grade. People can bond over shared experiences or celebrate what every person has accomplished.

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